Is context king in school improvement?

The EEF’s Families of Schools database provides a wealth of information to help schools learn from each other. In this blog post, James Richardson discusses how it can help schools understand and overcome their common challenges. […]

Posted on 24 April 2018
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Leading Learning – CPD Training for CPD Leaders

Do you want to create evidence-based CPD plans for your school? Our three-day Leading Learning programme "CPD Training for CPD Leaders" started on 7 March 2018, but if you missed the first session it's not too late to get involved. We're re-running the first day […]

Posted on 21 March 2018
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Twenty-third Research School appointed

Highfield Nursery School – in collaboration with Kesgrave and Farlingaye Teaching School Alliance and Springfield Teaching School Alliance – will become the Research School and focal point of evidence-based practice to support the Ipswich Opportunity Area. […]

Posted on 19 January 2018
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IEE funds seven new innovation evaluations aimed at improving pupil achievement

A further seven projects have been awarded Research Schools Network Innovation Evaluation Grants, bringing the total number of innovation evaluation projects currently funded to 16. […]

Posted on 16 January 2018
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Becoming a Critical Consumer of Research

I recently attended the Research Schools’ Network regional meeting (in Grantham!) where the main focus was on “Becoming a Critical Consumer of Research”. We looked at assessing applicability, evaluating credibility and effectively responding to a piece of research (the “so what?” – now that I’ve learnt something, what am I going to do about it … if anything!) […]

Posted on 6 December 2017
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1 February, Somerset. Following the recently published EEF Guidance Report Improving Mathematics in Key Stages Two and Three, The West Somerset Research School at The Blue School, Wells have invited two of the report's authors Peter Henderson (EEF) and Clare Christie (Lead Professional for Maths at Ashley Down Schools Federation) to run a training session on implementing the findings. […]

Posted on 4 December 2017
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