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Autumn 2018

#3 Autumn 2018 (November)

EYFS Communication and Literacy Programme Launch and Conference – Blog by Mark Woodlock: P8 Figures What do they really mean? – Blog by Justine Paton: Teaching metacognitively isn’t a new phenomenon – Blog by Karen Riskilly: The importance of writing (and metacognition of course!) – EEF Podcast: Trialled and Tested –  Get involved: Increasing girls’ uptake of STEM subjects at A level – New EEF trial: Can adventure learning improve students’ skills, behaviour and academic results? –  New EEF funding round: improving outcomes for pupils with SEND

#2 Autumn 2018 (October)
Focus on Secondary Science: EEF Improving Secondary Science guidance report – Blog by Niki Kaiser: A classroom perspective on the guidance report – Article by Phil Naylor: When do Practicals work well in science? – Blog by Mark Woodlock: Brett Kavanaugh, expected behaviours and the importance of intrinsic rewards – IEE Conference: Improving outcomes for change – Details of speakers joining us at events in Somerset

#1 Autumn 2018 (September)
Welcome to the new Academic Year!
Planned EEF guidance reports for Autumn 2018/Spring 2019 – Leading Learning Programme “CPD for CPD leaders” – Making Sense of Metacognition Programme – DfE grants (science/history/geography) – Effectiveness of summer schools



Summer 2018

#3 Summer 2018 (July)
Focus on Early Years: EEF Preparing for Literacy Guidance Report – Blog by Megan Dixon: Sweating the Small Stuff – Blog by Eileen Allpress: Improving Communication, Language and Literacy in the Early Years – Blog by Mark Woodlock: Factfulness – Launch of the West Somerset Leading Literacy Programme

#2 Summer 2018 (June)
Blog by Mark Woodlock: The importance of trust – Blog by James Turner: The hard lessons of parental engagement – Blog by Nikki Jones: Has a solution to retention been found? – Trials of the EasyPeasy parenting app – Trials Recruiting: EAL, KS3 Maths, GCSE Maths resits

#1 Summer 2018 (May)boys
EEF Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning Guidance Report – Blog by Mark Woodlock: Why does ethos matter? –  Blog by Alex Quigley: Making sense of Metacognition – Blog by James Richardson: Is context king in school improvement? – West Somerset Opportunity Area: opportunities for professional development – Leading Learning Programme Update


Spring 2018

#3 Spring 2018 (March)
Maths RAG Guide – Apply to Join EEF-Funded Projects – Talking about Genetics – Taming the Marking Monster – Effective Pupil Premium Spending – Leading Learning (starting April 17)

#2 Spring 2018 (February)
Implementation Guide – Evidence for Impact (E4I) – Promising Projects – The EEF’s First Six Years

#1 Spring 2018 (January)
Closing the Attainment Gap – KS2/3 Maths Guidance Report Roadshow – Leading Learning Programme – Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants

Autumn 2017

#3 Autumn 2017 (December)
early years girlsTeacher Observation – Implementing the KS1 and KS2 Literacy Guidance – Becoming a Critical Consumer of Research

#2 Autumn 2017 (November)
Improving Maths in KS2 and KS3 – Using Evidence to Source Effective Interventions – Helping Primary Pupils who are Struggling with Maths – West Somerset Research School Launch Event

#1 Autumn 2017 (October)
EEF Early Years Toolkit – Improving Literacy in KS1 – Improving Literacy in KS2